1.- What do you need if you want to start a project with Eye2link?
After you receive a quotation from us and both parts are ready with timings and the content you will provide us, we will need the initial 60% of the payment to start developing your project, once the payment is sort out, we will start designing the first propossal design of your project and you will receive it in your personal email in pdf format, after receiving the proposal you will let us know if you want to adjust something or if all is ok and no changes are needed, then we will carry with the rest of your development. (if you need changes, we will make a first revision together to via Skype or physcally it depends your case then to talk about the changes you might need.)

2.- What consist of a first revision?
After you receive your first propossal design in pdf format in your personal email, and you decide to make changes, we will make the first revision via: and we will talk more about what you want to change (Is important to make clear all changes at this step you need for your project, in order not to make a second revision no included and with cost) then after knowing exactly what you want to change, we will put the proposal back to the kitchen to make all what you have suggested us and we will send it to your email.

3.- How many revisions are included in the development?
There is only 1 revision included for each project in each development, which it means, after presenting the initial proposal every development has just 1 revision to make changes, if a client wants to make more than 1 revision then it will be charge as a separated extra hour(s) and should be add up and paid at the end of the final 40% of the payment.

4.- In how many payments a development consist?
Any development consist in 2 payments, the first at the start of the project and the final at the end (plus if any extra during the process of the project was developed or add it like a second revision.)

Initial payment of the 60% this is the required to start any project
Final payment of the 40% is required once the project is done

After the project is done it will be uploaded to the final web address, or delivered by email or (DVD, depends you development, etc.)

Extras: as an extra is considered a second revision, extra hour(s)  or adding new contents there were not before, example: new links, new content in links, new sections, new plugins, new features, new widgets, etc.

Any project has a date limit in getting delivered and this date is specify on the initial Quota, so all the timings will be delivered exactly on the date of your project, otherwise it will cause an extra charge per day, from both parts.

Initial payment requires the 60% of the ammount to start any project, then for the final payment is required the 40% to finish, upload or deliver the final art.


Extras: as an extra is considered everything is not on the original quotation, or extra hour(s) always when adding new contents are not considered in the first quotation, like: new links, new content in links, new sections, new plugins, new features, new widgets, new logos, etc. it will be charged as an extra.